March 13, 2008

A New Friend

Our friends at Moment Design brought Luca a beautiful (and sterilized) stuffed lion. They quickly became friends. Luca agreed to introduce Mr. Lion to all the nurses on the floor, and Mr. Lion agreed to give Luca some courage. Thanks Moment!


Luca: There's not a minute,nor an hour or a day that goes by that we are not thinking of you and the courage you are showing to all of us. Your family and Gods mercy will get you through this. Be strong little grandson and know that we are with you every step of the way. Manal and Greg, you are two wonderful parents and someday in the near future these tough times will be just a memory. We love and miss all of you.

Papa V and Nana

Dear Luca,

Here are one hundred hugs and a kiss on your forehead.

We're thinking about you a LOT and are looking forward to a playdate soon.


John, Rebecca, + Evan

Hello everyone,
I am Iris Orlando, I met you today when we were waiting for Bone Marrows. Please Know that I will keep Baby Luca on our prayer list. Please stay strong for each other and for little man. Much luck and I will keep checking his site for updates. Just remember, that all of this will get much better. A year ago, I was in your shoes, just finding out my son had cancer, it is so unreal, but now I look back. It's been a year and he is doing so much better. Like I said before, You are at the very best hospital. please take care and make sure you make everyday count, because that is what I do.


You are one handsome fighter, keep up the great work.
You, mommy and daddy are in our prayers.
Can't wait to meet you in person.
Love, Michelle, Alex, and the kids.

You are too CUTE. I can not wait to meet you.
Auntie Abie

You are in our thoughts and prayers everyday.
Sabrina, Paul, and Matteo
PS: you are very cute!!!

What a tough pair! I think Luca could teach Mr. Lion a thing or two about courage. You are beautiful Luca!

What a beautiful little boy you are- (what a precious picture)you will treasure your lion friend forever!!! We can't wait to meet you- hugs and kisses-
Kelli, John and boys

Hi Luca, You look so great sweetheart, keep fighting! When you get better, you, Mommy and Daddy will need to come to California from some relaxation!! We can't wait to meet you! You're in our every prayer!

We love you,
Casey and Brian

Dear Mr. Luca,
You look sooooo lushious with Mr. Lion. We can't wait to suck on that beautiful neck!!! Many kisses, hugs, and prayers.
LOVE...(your future babysitters)
Rina and Tanya

Luca, I want to be your friend, too. Tell your mommy and daddy that I am thinking of them and praying for you. Keep fighting, little man! I know you can overcome this!

Love Karen

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