March 14, 2008

Frank the Candy Man

Dscn0902Every Friday night, Frank makes the rounds on the pediatric floor of Sloan with a giant cart filled with candy. He grew up on 1st Ave right near the hospital, and this summer will mark Frank's 20th year as a volunteer helping child cancer patients. He was even featured on the Today Show. A couple years ago, Frank was diagnosed with cancer, and was successfully treated right here at Sloan.

Although Luca didn't seem very interested, his aunts and uncles were happy to pillage Frank's cart. We'll be sure to tell Luca all about it when he gets older.


Hey Manal and Greg-
Man, that was great to be the last room to be visited by Frank, the candy man. I still have my twix and starburst for Rajeh and Mazen when I go home to them tomorrow.
I will miss you two and Luca soooooo much you have to know! I was so lucky to have spent so much time with you this week. We will be down for Easter with the boys very soon. We love you a ton and a ton!

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