March 10, 2008

Luca Gets Baptised

Father Thomas of St. Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Cathedral in downtown Brooklyn came to baptize Luca this afternoon. It was a beautiful, spiritual ceremony, with all of Luca's grandparents and aunts and uncles gathered in his hospital room. A hospital water bucket held the holy water, and Auntie Nujie chanted the responses. Luca woke up for the first time in days at the start of the ceremony, and the heart rate on his monitor showed that he was feeling peaceful and content. Congratulations to proud godparents Auntie Nujoud and Uncle Steve.


Luca Bear~
You are a fighter, a gorgeous fighter too. You definately have your Mommy and Daddys looks! I love you heebeeb elbi! Selamtek!
Congratulations on your baptism hebeebi!
Love Auntie Sally

That's great. When Devin was born he was baptized in the hospital that morning with holy water from a styrofoam coffee cup.-- No need to stand on ceremony.

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