March 18, 2008

Luca's Girlfriend

Dscn0722_2Last week Luca met Anastasia, a baby girl from Brooklyn who was diagnosed with AML late last year. She's now in remission, and is being treated by the same team as Luca. Anastasia and her parents are amazing people, and it's been great to talk with someone else who have been down the same road. They've been a huge inspiration to us. We wish Anastasia a continued recovery, and promise to make sure Luca doesn't bring her home too late.


Greg, Manel, and Luca,
We love the updates and staying connected with you each day. We are so glad you have found another family to connect with who have shared your experiences- I imagine that is quite powerful and comforting. Continue to know you and beautiful Luca are in our thoughts and prayers wishing we could do more. Love,
John, Kelli & boys

Greg & Manal,
As friends of your Dad and Mom, Greg,our family has been following Luca's story daily. Thank you for sharing your experience so that we can each support you in whatever small way we can from here in Syracuse. The power of prayer and positive thinking can work wonders.
the Dausman Family

Manal, Greg and beautiful baby Luca,

I miss you guys so much! You have been in my thoughts and prayers everyday.

Luca you have given me strength and love that is beyond me. You are a true inspiration to all. I love you more than anything in the world. I miss and can't wait to see you this weekend.

Manal and Greg you are truly the most amazing parents I have ever seen. I only hope to become a parent/mother like you two. Love you both.

Love Auntie Lolo

We are pulling for you and sending all of you prayers and much, much love!! Love Jess, Dan, Maggie and Lila

Greg, Manal, & Luca,

Not very savy on the computer, and I don't have my sister Sari's writting ability, but just wanted you to know, you've all been in our thoughts and prayers more than you know. Luca is beautiful and brave and we are confident that he will continue to get better.

Love, Aunt Carol & Uncle Butch

P.S. She's not kidding, they don't even own a computer, that's why this is under my name. Michelle

Hello Manal, Greg, and beautiful baby Luca!
Just wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you and praying every day for Luca's quick recovery and that God continue to give you all strength. We love you!
Love- Ranya, Bill, Danny and George

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