March 14, 2008

Lumbar Puncture #2

Dscn0883Luca woke up with a smile on his face this morning. He underwent his second lumbar puncture, in which chemotherapy is placed in his spinal fluid to fight the leukemia cells that show up there. His white cell count in his spinal fluid has gone down since his first spinal tap. So now it looks like he's responding to the treatment in his blood, his internal organs, his skin, and his spinal fluid / brain. So far so good.

We've been learning a lot about how to care for Luca during the times we'll be home. We now know how to change his central line (like a catheter for your vein) dressing, change the central line cap, and even administer a shot. Fun stuff. We might have a chance to practice tomorrow, as they may send us home to Brooklyn for the weekend.


Sending thoughts of love from Syracuse! We love you Luca, Manal and Greg!

Love, Jamee and Al

Hi Manal, Greg, and Luca,
We are thinking of you and we are keeping Luca in our prayers.

Best Wishes
The Fashho Family

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