March 18, 2008

View From Our Room


View from our room at Sloan, facing the East River, at night. The Queensborough Bridge is in the background.


Good Morning Luca!
Mila and I were just thinking about you and wanted to send you a message. She wants me to tell you that she saw three school buses drive by our house this morning. VERY exciting!
Every night we have a little 'rock a minute', pray for "baby", your comfort and quick recovery, and send you our warmest thoughts.
We love you Luca!
Adelle, Erik, and Mila

Hey little guy,
Just thinking about you today. Hope you are doing well with your second round of chemo. You are so brave and strong!!
Auntie Jo

Can you feel the love we are sending your way? I know you can. Keep strong Luca. You are doing great. Manal & Greg, Sending love and lots of good wishes.

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