April 01, 2008

Waiting For The White Count


Before we can begin the next round of chemotherapy, we have to wait for Luca's bone marrow to produce more white cells, since the last round of treatment wiped them all out. This can take anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks, and is impossible to predict from one patient to another. In the meantime, without his white blood cells (especially the infection-fighting nutrophils), Luca will remain very sick, uncomfortable, and at high risk for complication.

The past few days have been calm, relatively speaking. Although we've been managing lots of nasty side affects of chemotherapy, Luca is actually in stable condition, and doing his best to fight through it. In the meantime, we'll be vigilant and patient, and waving the magic nutrophil wand the nurses gave us. And as soon as those white cells come back, Luca will quickly feel better, and be back to smiling again.


Each time I go on I am touched by the love strength and courage you all continue to show by the words and pictures you share. I find myself fighting back tears each time I go on and continue to ask the Lord to give you all the strength to get through each day. I am truly inspired by all of you. Continue to know you are prayed for each day and thought about so... often. Stay strong Baby Luca- hugs, kisses and blessings are sent your way!! We love you all!!
Love, John, Kelli, John, Jake and Jordan

It's amazing what a few white blood cells can do!! Here's hoping Luca's multiply fast and he starts feeling better. Keep fighting little fella!!

What a precious picture.
We pray for you every day.
Keep fighting little man!
Love, Lauri, Kara Michael Aunt Virg and Uncle Mike

We love you so much Luca! Thank you for sharing these amazing pictures - they make us feel so close to you even though we have yet to meet you. My whole family was crowded around the computer to look this picture. It's unbelievable how much we love that sweet little hand of yours! We know you are doing everything you can to recover from this last bought of chemo, and that you will be feeling so much better so soon. Until then, just hold on tight and snuggle close to your Mama and Daddy!
You're in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers every minute of the day.
Love, Adelle, Erik, and Mila (and the whole Bohonos family)

Nothing is more precious and beautiful than the touch of your child!! The warmth felt between mother and child is awesome. Continue to fight and get stronger Baby Luca. Manal and Greg, may God continue to give you the strength to get through this trying time. God Bless you all, and continue to pull whatever help and support you need from your famillies. There are alot of us praying for you constantly, draw from that to give you whatever support you may need.
Michelle, Alex, Nicole, AJ,and Michael

This is a truly heartfelt and amazing picture. It speaks volumes to the tremendous strength and courage that you, as a family, are exhibiting through this tough time. Luca is the most courageous little boy that we have come to know and love so dearly, and through his tiny hand and his gentle touch, he is telling you that he will continue to fight this and he will overcome this obstacle. Your bond as a family will continue to get stronger just as our love for all of you gets stronger with each day. We are sending to you many hugs, kisses and gentle touches.
Nabil, Irene, Rina and Tee

This picture is too sweet. The hands are so precious. Baby Luca will fight through this. Your strength and courage is amazing. Our thoughts and prayers are always with you. We love and miss you.
Hugs and kisses
Abeir, Dave, Briana,& Nick

There's nothing like the comfort of holding your Mama's hand! Luca is letting you know that he is ok and will fight this all the way. You are all so strong and your bond as a family will continue to help Luca get through these tough times. He is a precious little boy that we've all grown to love and care about. His strength and courage has been an inspiration to us all.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you always.
Brian, Joanne, Alex & Alaina

Awe. I miss you so bad Luca. Ive been sick, so I have been ordered by Mama and Baba V to stay at least 10,000,000,000 blocks from Sloan. It's hard to stay away from our one and only. Love you Luca and I am trying my best to get better so I can see you.

Love you Manal and Greg. I miss you guys so much, I feel like my best friends moved away to the suburbs and now I'm left to play hand ball in the south slope all solo.

Luca! You can do it bud! You've gotten so far.

Love you guys, miss you to pieces.



Today I lit a candle for you and said a prayer that your white cell count comes back up. I know that your family,friends, and all the wonderful supporters you have would love to see you smile and feeling better. Your parents and the incredible staff of Doctors and Nurses at Sloane-Kettering will get you through this. Stay strong little guy.
Love you Luca
Papa V

This is an amazing picture! It shows your strength as a family. Luca is giving his parents strength to cope day by day with all of the obstacles that you are faced with.
Manal & Greg- you are giving your precious baby Luca strength to keep on fighting. He is and he will continue to fight and fight hard!
You are always in our thoughts and prayers and we are here for you anytime you need anything. We love you very much.
Hugs & Kisses,
Holly, Andy & the boys

Dear Manal, Greg, and Little Luca,

You are all in our prayers. What a little cutie and what a brave family you are. We are looking forward to meeting Luca in person when he's feeling better. Sending you lots of love a good thoughts. Be strong.


Susanne and Paul

Manal and Greg-
I love this picture so much. Holding your child's hand takes all the worries away and makes you regain all your strength and faith to go on. I know how hard it has been for you all, we love you so much and are sooo proud of you. You make an amazing family- don't let go!
Love You,
Nujoud, Fadi, Raj and Maz

What a precious little boy you have. It brings tears to my eyes every time I read about the struggle that he is having and the pain that he has had to endure. I know with the strength of the Vassallo's and Zraik's running through his veins he'll be able to conquer anything. Luca is in my prayers daily and we can't wait to meet him in person. Stay strong and keep fighting. May God be with you through this battle. I hope Luca is feeling better soon.

Love, Debbie, Nelson, Breonna, Marissa, Marcus & Lil' Nelson

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