May 21, 2008

Chemo Rounds 3 and 4

Dscn2231 Luca received his third and fourth rounds of chemotherapy over the past couple weeks. Although he's in remission, he'll still go through 6 total rounds of intensive therapy, a few months of maintenance therapy, and a potential bone marrow transplant, to make sure that the cancer never comes back.

These last two rounds began with Luca in much better shape than his first two. He was a bit older (and every week counts for babies), a lot stronger, and most importantly, free of cancer. As the chemotherapy attacks his rapidly-dividing cells this time, there won't be any leukemia cells breaking down and releasing their toxins. So Luca was able to receive this round as an outpatient. We even had to administer some of the chemotherapy at home.   

Thank you all for your overwhelming kindness and support. We can't wait for Luca to meet everyone.


Hi beautiful baby boy!!! We miss you and are saying lots of prayers for you, your Mama and your Baba before bed time and nap time. Stay strong little sweet green pea! We know you are going to do it all the way. We love you so much.
Untie, Ummo, Raj and Maz

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