May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day


We were blessed to have Luca home for his first Mother's Day. It was a quiet, peaceful afternoon, spent at home, together. Luca gave his mom some beautiful flowers, and thanked her for all of her hard, tireless work. Sometimes, of course, it seems like Luca has a hundred mothers, and we thank them all for their love and support.

Tomorrow begins the next round of chemotherapy. This cycle is different from the last one, and we'll start by receiving treatment in the out-patient hospital, returning home each afternoon. We're hopeful that this next round will be kinder to Luca than the last two, and that it will be just as effective. Tuesday is also a big day, as we'll get the official results from Luca's second bone marrow test.


Thinking of you all today hoping the results from Tuesday were good!!! Wishing and sending prayers, huggs and kisses!!! Great pictures!

I know it's late but happy mother's day manal! What great pictures. Enjoy your time at home and can't wait to hear more about luca's progress!

Love shannon

I bet it was a day you will never forget.


Happy belated Mother's Day! You truly are an inspirational mom and Luca's lucky to have you. I'm glad to hear that Luca is spending some time at home and I'll pray that the next bone marrow results come back negative.



Just wanted to wish you luck on this very important day! I'm sure you'll do just GREAT and all of your test results will be PERFECT.....just like you, my little man!

Love You,
Nabil, Irene, Rina and Tee

What better present can you give your Mommy for Mother's Day than that beautiful smile!
Happy Mother's Day Manal! You are a terrific Mother and my HERO!!!

Love you tons & tons

Hello All:
This great picture of Mom and her boy made my heart swell with happiness for all of you. What a special "First Mother's Day" for you! May you have a zillion more! Luca shall be in my prayers for this next round of treatment. His smiling face and yours are like candy to these sugar-freak's eyeballs. I keep playing his latest "video" and smiling from ear to ear. Sitting in his - what we old Mamas used to call "walker" - makes him look like such a big boy! Just adorable! Big hugs to all three of you.
Love, Aunt Sari

Happy Mother's Day!!! We are so glad that you all got to spend it at home together! We love you and hope everything goes well this week. You're always in our prayers!!
Marisa, Pete, and Otis

What a beautiful couple!
Luca, you look like how I imagine
your daddy to have looked at your age.
And always with that positively smart
thinking face on. Or is it the finger
on the mouth, your daddy has a similar look when deep in thought. Manal, Happy Mothers Day. You look so beautiful love.

This is a beautiful picture!! Happy Mother's Day Manal! We're so happy that Luca is doing better and is at home...

Shaden, Nageeb, & Natalie

This picture is so precious.
Luca, You look absolutely handsome with your I love Mommy shirt on. Your mommy looks gorgeous as always.
Happy Mother's Day!

What a beautiful mother you are! Luca is so blessed to have such a wonderful mother!

Happy Mother's Day!

With Love,

There is no better way to celebrate Mother's Day then with your precious children and in your home. I am so happy that worked out and you were all able to enjoy it. YOu are all in our prayers and we wish only good news from the testing- we will pray for Luca's strength to fight through the next round of treatment and well as for you both. It has been wonderful to see all the happy news on the blog- keep those thoughts with you during his next rounds of treatment and know we are all with you in spirit!!! Lots of love and prayers!
John, Kelli, Johnny, Jake and Jordan

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