May 10, 2008

Luca Playing In His Saucer (video)


I watch this video at least 20 times a day! I talk about you all day long and can't wait to play with you!!
Your cousin - Alexander

How adorable Manal. You make a great Mama. Luca is so in love with you!

Every time I watch this video or look at Luca's picture it makes me smile!! He is an amazing little boy just loving life and making everyone proud. You are all in our prayers and we hope things continue to go well. Big hugs!

Such fun!
And those smiles...priceles.
Love you guys!
Sally & Drew

It's so nice to see Luca playing in his saucer. I love his smiles.
Hugs and kisses from Auntie Abie

What a wondefully, beautiful sight!!! Jordan and I watched it 3 times and he wanted more. He kept putting his face up to the computer I think to kiss you Luca- he asked if he could hold you- it was adorable!!! It was so nice to see Luca well and enjoying the happier times of being a baby. What a super Mother's day present!!! Manal- I hope you enjoyed your day- their is nothing to compare to being a mom- we wish you many more days like this one!!! Stay happy and strong Luca!! We love you!
John, Kelli, Johnny, Jake and Jordan

Our little man!!! You are just soo lush! We are just so proud of you! You are such a handsome little man! Untie Holly is right, those cheeks are so kissable!
Nabil, Irene, Rina and Tanya

Hi Baby Luca,
You look so cute playing in your saucer. I love your smile!!!
I bet you gave your Mama the best Mother's Day gift ever!!!
We are so proud of you!!
Brian, Joanne, Alex & Alaina

That's great that Luca is playing at home like every baby would. I bet you guys are loving life getting to be home with Luca for Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day Manal!! I bet it was the best b ecause you got to share it with your baby boy in your own home.


Hi Luca Baby!

You are such a beautiful little boy! You are getting so big and we are all so proud of you!! Love those cheeks!!!! Can't wait to kiss em up!

Hug & Kisses to you and your Mommy & Daddy!!
Holly, Andy & the boys

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