June 15, 2008

Relay For Life in Syracuse


We were incredibly moved when we received this photo from Relay For Life in Syracuse on Friday night. To see this many people (the most of any other team!) coming together to support Luca and the American Cancer Society gave our spirits a giant boost, and reminded us how lucky we are to have so many amazing people helping Luca win his fight. A million thanks to everyone who gave up their Friday night to be there. We were with you in spirit, and look forward to next year, when Luca can take the first lap around the track. We'll post more photos this week as we receive them.

We also send out our immense gratitude to everyone else who have extended themselves in even the smallest ways. While we sometimes get too busy in the hospital to respond, every call, text message, email, tweet, IM, comment, card, and prayer makes a huge difference.


Hi Manal, Greg and Baby Luca:
Yes, I am doing many uncharacteristic things in my old age such as sleeping in a tent that wasn't 3 FEET OFF THE GROUND - as was my previous requirement of "outdoor camping". But for precious little Luca, his ole Aunt Sari bucked up and conquered her spazzo fears. Friday night was one filled with emotion, love and sharing -- all nearly 75 of us sending all good vibes and heartfelt thoughts towards our little man, Luca, urging him to continue his strong fight so that next year, he will be walking the track with all of us. We felt all three of you were with us in spirit, and that was such a huge catalyst for us. Friday/Saturday was a special 24 hours honoring a very special little boy who is deeply loved by so many. Big hugs..
Love, Aunt Sari

Hello Greg, Manal, & Luca: Thanks so much for the great time at your Relay for Life party....the whole family and all our friends had an amazing time.Nana V. also had a milestone....she camped out in a "REALE" tent with Aunt Sarie,cousins Jenn James, Janelle and myself.Uncle Jim set up the tent and we had a great pajama party even though we only slept one hour.But we only giggled one time, since we could not keep our eyes open at 4:00 AM. The pancakes and sausage at 5:00 am were so yummy,almost like Grandma Reales' on Sunday Mornings!Can you beleive our Baby Luca is bringing us out of our comfort zone,I never thought I would see the day Nana V sleeping on the ground under the stars!!!It's unbeleivable what Luca is challenging us to acheive.Can't wait for next year to have you there with us...Keep on being so strong, we are with all of you every step of the way always!!We love you.The Ayers'

We had a great time! We walked around the track and read each and every prayer/ luminere for every loved one. We found Luca's right away, Tommy spotted it! It was a beautiful way to spend our Friday evening and we look forward to next year! Luca can run around the football field with Matthew and score a touch down!
Love you baby!!
Hugs & Kisses to you and your Mommy & Daddy!
Holly, Andy, Tommy & Matthew

P.S. Tommy & Matthew are proudly wearing their Luca t-shirts and bracelets tomorrow to school to show them off!!

Hi guys- it was a wondeful and very touching night. It was incredible to see the turn out for Luca and you could feel all the love and prayers we were sending him. We were so proud to wear our love for Luca tshirts and really show the world how strong of a little guy he is!! Every time Jordan walked around the track he would stop at the Luca luminaries and say "Hi Luca"- we can't wait till that hello is in person for all of us- You all continue to be in our constant thoughts and prayers- Love,
John, Kelli, Johnny, Jake and Jordan

I had so much fun!! It was amazing all the people who were there. I was almost crying when thet said the prayer for everybody and was lighting all the candles. To see all the candles for Luca was AWESOME!! Thanks to mom for helping put this togther for all of us to enjoy. It was such a fun night. Hope to do it againg next year, and I hope Luca, Greg and Manal can be there with us.

Love always,

P.S. I had a game that night, and got a GREAT triple right up the middle for you Luca. That's what I kept saying in my head, " Luca, Luca, Luca..." It worked is all I can say =)

What a Great Picture! We were definately there in spirit proudly wearing our T-Shirts on Friday! Thanks to Mamma V for having them delivered just in time! Love for Luca has certainly become such a phenomenon - and has really helped to raise awareness of this disease, but at the same time, has also proven to all of us that with much prayer and a loving spirt such as Luca's - you can overcome anything that God puts to you. Keep fighting little Dukes, you are an inspiration and we can't wait to see you!

Hugs and Kisses to Manal, Greg and Luca!
Irene, Nabil, Rina and Tanya

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