January 10, 2009

Home From Transplant

DSC_0162 After more than 40 days in isolation for Luca's transplant, we were cleared to return home on Christmas Eve. It was an incredible blessing to have Luca back home for his second Christmas, where he was surrounded by family (but only two at a time), and a mountain of gifts.

We've been slowly adjusting to "normal" life, as it's always a culture shock to leave the safe cocoon of the hospital, and no longer see all the amazing people who were part of our daily life for so long. We often have to remind ourselves that a crying spell probably means that Luca is teething, and not something more serious. Luca is clearly excited to be home, and has been busy catching up right where he left off. 

His transplant seems to be progressing very well. Last week a test showed that he's already started to produce T cells, which means that Luca's donor stem cells have started to generate an immune system. In general, it takes about a year to be able to say that a transplant was successful, but so far so good. Luca will have weekly follow-ups to monitor his progress for some time, so we'll do our best to post updates.

Thank you all so much for your continued support. It's been a long journey, and we're truly humbled that people are still following Luca's story. Some day, when he's old enough to read all of the comments and emails and cards, he'll be able to see how many incredible people were by his side during his struggle.

This week a couple of our good friends at Sloan, who have already been through so much, received some difficult news. Please make room in your prayers for all the brave kids on M9 who continue to fight each day.


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Hey guys,
We are so happy for you to be home and Luca to be progressing so nicely. We too look forward to long nights of reading cards, blogs and looking at pics, kind of like how we grew up doing that at Mama and Aunties house =).
Love you all and God Bless,
Always and Forever,
Drew, Sally, Big and Little C's


We think of you all daily and can't wait to see you all! Your strength and courage has been an inspiration to both Kevin and I. Keep on keeping us informed on Luca's progress!

Kevin and Emily

I am so happy to hear that Luca is home and that the transplant is going well and his T cells are already coming in!!!!! THATS GREAT!!!

Welcome home and best of luck!!

Happy New Year!!!

I've been following your blog from day 1 and what a wonderful way to communicate with so many people that love and care about Luca.I am so happy that Luca is doing well and that you are all back home. You are always in my thoughts and prayers.
Love Nick & Yvonne Abdo

WELCOME HOME!!!! What a wondeful Christmas present to have Luca home. May you be blessed with the best of a new year. You are all AMAZING to us all and continue to inspire us in all we do.
John, Kelli, Johnny, Jake and Jordan

Welcome home. It is great to hear!! I was thinking about him this morning. Much warmth and Love for 2009!

welcome home, luca!

Such great news! Wow what a year huh? Luca looks happy as can be all cuddled in Manal's (?) armpit. So happy for you all.

Good News!!!!

I'm so glad to hear this news!! It sounds like the transplant did what it needed to, and being able to come home is a great step. Still sending positive thoughts your way! Happy New Year!

We are so proud of you Luca!! We continue to pray for you to keep getting stronger and stronger; as well as praying for your friends at Sloan. We have faith in God that you will get much better very soon! Continue to fight and know that you are always in our prayers.
Irene, Nabil, Rina and Tanya

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