February 02, 2009

Learning to Walk (video)


So proud of you lovey!
Good work with those little feet!
Love you hebeebi!
Auntie Sal

That is just great. Luca walking, at home with the parental units, we continue to pray for him and his full recovery.

This video is ridiculously good. I mean, really.

I learned about Luca through The Walkmen and the folks over at Amie Street. I'm an on-air host with Sirius XM, so whenever I play something from The Walkmen on my evening show, Luca's blog frequently gets a shout out! A bonafide star on the satellite radio airwaves, he is.

You guys rock.


[email protected]

Luca is so cute. He is learning to walk. Keep staying in there.Hope I can meet him some time.I sent you guys valentines.Hope you like them.Always in our prayers.

Your Cousin,
Jake Dippold

I keep watching this because it is so stinkin' cute! I love Luca's smiling face and hearing Manal laugh in excitement!
I love these updates! Miss you and can't wait to see you!
Auntie Jo

This is sooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!! I had such a busy day, and this is just what I needed to calm myself down and relax. Pretty soon he will be running around the house like a mad man. Thank you sooooo much for constanly keeping us updated.

Love always,
~Nikky ~ :)

What a thrill to see beautiful Luca walking - sideways no-less. What freedom! Luca will be tearing up the pea patch in the blink of an eye. I love watching Luca's marvelous and glorious growth. Love and hugs.
Rose M

Hi friends! I don't know if you've heard from Adlynn, but I've moved to Cairo to help the nursing department here at the new Children's Cancer Hospital of Egypt. Keep up the posts, I want to hear all about the new sights, sounds, and adventures of Luca! Kisses, Kisses, KISSES!!! love, Aileen

Hello to 3 of my favorite people! What a joy to see our boy walking to bathtime. He looks so happy to be so "free" to venture out in his new-found surroundings. Before long, he'll be running around the apartment and you'll be "padding" up any sharp surfaces he might come in contact with -- little boys have a lot more "daring" in them - just wait and see! This video was a joy for these ole eyeballs to cast upon. Keep up the good work, Luca! Hugs to all of you.
Aunt Sari

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