February 22, 2009


Luca has been having a great time over the past few weeks. He spends all of his waking hours reading his books, learning to talk, figuring out ways to move from place to place, dancing, and laughing at all of the amazing things he's discovered. The transplant team even gave us the green light to bring him to the playground. Whenever the temperature goes high enough, we take the opportunity to put Luca on the swings, where he squeals with joy. He seems to have put all of the tough times spent in the hospital this past year behind him, and we've been doing our best to do the same.

Luca visits his friends at MSK twice a week. All of the staff who worked so hard to get Luca where he is today get to play with him and clamor for his attention. Lately he's been running into his old friend Anastasia, an amazing little girl he met last March. Seeing the two of them smile and flirt reminds us of how much resilience they've been blessed with.   

Clinically, things are looking very good. All of Luca's blood counts have been great, his bone marow has been clean, and his immune system has been slowly marching back. Next Saturday will mark 100 days since the transplant, a huge milestone on the path to recovery, God willing. We'll be sure to celebrate.


Greg and Manal,
What adorable pictures! What a road you have all walked together! I pray that the good news continues to come your way. I hope that Luca will be well enough to make a road trip up to our Relay for Life, so that he too can walk the survivor's lap. Looking forward to meeting this little cutie on June 12 @ SolvayHigh school.
Dee Lombardi

I just wanted you to know that my mommy told me that she finally met your other girlfriend Anastasia yesterday.She told me that Anastasia is very very cute.I miss you and hope we can see each this summer and go for a walk in the park.Tell your mommy my mommy misses your mommy very much and loves her so much.

Thinking of you guys often, and always enjoying the pictures. Hoping all continues to be well. We are so looking forward to seeing you all soon. You are in all our thoughts and prayers.

Those are some of the sweetest pictures that I have ever seen. I hope we get to see you soon Luca!
Love, Marisa, Pete, and Otis

So glad to hear the good news, God bless you all.
Love Love the pictures:-)

Thinking of you Luca. Hope to see you at the park again soon.... Give Mommy big kisses.

Congratulations Luca! I am so happy for you and your family. You are one strong (and not to mention adorable) little boy!

Manal, Greg, & Luca,

I LOVE all the pictures. It's so nice to see Luca having fun, especially on the swings!!! Such wonderful news! Always in our thoughts and prayers.

Hugs & kisses,

YEAH! Luca's our man! God Bless him! We are so thrilled to hear that he is doing better! We continue to always keep him in our prayers and hopefully, we will get the oppurtunity to join him on the swingset soon :)

Love Always,

Irene, Nabil, Rina & Teto

You are an absolute joy! Love your pictures and your beautiful smile. We are so proud of you!!
Can't wait to meet you.
The Craig's

Hi Luca!
You are a handsome young man!! We are so proud of you and all of your accomplishments. We can't wait to meet you. Hugs & Kisses to you and your Mommy & Daddy!
Happy Swinging!!
Love you,
Holly, Andy & the boys

We're so glad to hear he is doing so great. Way to go, Luca. It has been such a long journey for you!

You guys all look great!! It's amazing to see how well Luca's doing. He has always been one tough cookie, and continues to show us all what a strong, remarkable little boy he is. Keep up the great work Greg and Manal, whatever you're doing is working wonders. As always you're all in our thoughts and prayers.

Love, Michelle, Alex, Nikky, AJ & Michael

How WONDERFUL to see Luca play, have fun, smile and laugh with all the new ways he is discovering. These are such wonderful pictures to look at! We are so happy to see him progress so greatly- he is and always will be an inspiration to all of us. We think of you often and keep you all in our prayers.
John, Kelli, Johnny, Jake and Jordan

Good Morning All:
I am still smiling from viewing all these wonderful "normal" activities Luca is participating in. Hooray!! You all look great. We will all celebrate his 100 day anniversary with gratitude and eternal hope in our hearts. Hugs to all of you.
Aunt Sari

Such great news!!
Go Luca. Cant wait to meet you and have the boys and you play together. Very soon!
Love you all.

Yippee!!! Congrats to you Luca!! :):)

That is super news!! You guys all look great - enjoy it all and pray for spring!! Give Luca big hugs from us!

What beautiful pictures! It is great to see Luca out on the swings. He has had such a long road and it is wonderful to see him laughing and playing. We continue to pray for all of you!
Love and prayers!!
Lauri, Kara, and Mikey

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