March 22, 2009

Fred's Team


Luca's amazing Auntie Sue has taken it upon herself to run in this year's New York City marathon in honor of Luca. She'll be running for Fred's Team, which was started by Fred Lebow, the organizer of the first New York marathon. In 1991 Fred was treated at Memorial Sloan-Kettering, and was inspired by the pediatric patients he met while jogging through the hospital halls. The next year he ran in the marathon, and encouraged his friends to sponsor his run to raise funds for MSK. Since then, volunteers running for Fred's team have raised more than $35 million for pediatric cancer care and research. 

MSK treats more children with cancer than any other institution in the world. They rely on generous donations to develop the groundbreaking therapies that have saved the lives of countless children around the world, including Luca's.

And so Sue needs your help! In order to run for Fred's Team in the marathon, she needs to raise enough money for the cause by this spring. So if you have even only a few dollars to spare, click here to sponsor Sue and help her in her mission. Don't worry, she'll be doing all the running!


miss hearing about Luca... Hope your all enjoying the nice weather.

Drop me a line when you have a chance.

Evie Hawa

Hi Manal- Thinking of you always.... Hope Luca is keeping you busy and smiling.

That is awesome Sue! Joe and I will definitely be there to cheer you on. Luca will be so proud of you!

Hey Guys,

This is such great news. Thanks Sue for running for Luca's cause!!

Love always,


Hurray! That's so amazing. Good for you, Sue. Glad to see Luca looking so healthy!

Thank you so much for the posting Manal and Greg! I appreciate everyone's support and encouragement.

Luca, I will be seeing you tonight kiddo. Miss you!!

Auntie Sue

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