April 25, 2009

Brown Bear (video)


Hey is getting so big!! I cannot wait to see him this weekend!!!! Kisses!

luca is looking very well, enjoying a fine literary selection. keep up the good work dad + mom!


Oh my goodness, he is absolutely yummy! :) And the kick-a-- mohawk is entirely too much!

Hugs and kisses to you all from ATL,

Cinandra :)

Hello To All!
Our little man loves to read -- he's a chip off the ole block as I still remember Greg loving to read when very young. Luca looks terrific - love how the "doo" is coming in...sooo cute! Can't wait to see him and the two of you soon. Big hugs to all of you.
Love, Aunt Sari

omg...we love brown bear!...soon he'll learn to say the animals bear sees!....congrats...and he is just beautiful ....He needs a brother or sister to fight with and keep him real busy!

What a beautiful thing to see! You guys have yourself a lover of reading and books. He looks WONDERFUL and so happy and content. We can not wait to see him and you both soon. Know we think of you often and continue to keep Luca and you both in our constant thoughts and prayers.
John, Kelli, Johnny,Jake and Jordan

He's getting so big!!! Love it and can't wait to see you guys!!!
Auntie Jo

Just so heart warming and adorable....

Hey Buddy!!! That's awesome you can read! I'm still having my Mommy and Daddy read for me, I'm not allowed to have real pages yet. Have you read "Good night moon" it rocks!!! I'm so glad you're feeling better, lets get together to play sometime soon!! Love you, Tucker

Hey guys!!

This video is sooooooooooo cute!! I can't believe that Luca has gotten that big and is starting to talk and say words!!!! Just wait, soon all you will here is Luca talking and babbling.

Love always,

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