June 03, 2009

Luca's Baptism, Part 2

After more than a year since Luca started his baptism, he was finally able to travel to Syracuse for the first time and complete it. It was an emotional and powerful ceremony, with Luca meeting his amazing family for the first time. Many thanks to Father Terry, Father Thomas, and everyone who was there for making our homecoming such a memorable experience. We are truly blessed to have you in our lives.  


Hey guys,

The pictures are very cute!!!! Kara sent me a pic of him when she was there, and I showed it to everybody!!!! They thought it was sooo cute! They keep asking me about him and how he is doing. I can't wait for the Realy for Life on Friday!! It will be soooo much fun and I hope Luca is healthly enough to come. If not this year, next year. He has come a long way from where he was last year at this time.

You are in my constant love and prayers.

Love always,
Nikky C. :)

Greg, Manal and Luca
We were blessed to be a part of such a beautiful ceremony and day. What a wonderful thing for Luca to come home to Syracuse and see all his family who thinks of him often. We were touched by it all and Greg's heartfelt words spoken at the luncheon. We only wish we had more time to visit with you guys but know that there will be plenty more of that soon. Thanks for sharing all the pictures-BEAUTIFUL!!! Know you continue to be in our constant thoughts and prayers.
Kelli, John, Johnny, Jake and Jordan

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